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Anonymous asked:

Jax I respect you and you're a badass but you are the Whitest black guy i have ever seen lol



…..ya know what. I was really gonna ignore this, and just erase it but honestly I can’t let this slide this time. I don’t even like that as a joke unless you’re a close friend of mine and even then, tread lightly. So what’s your definition of “Being Black”? You want me to say “Nigga this, Nigga that, I’m gonna get my gat?” And just act like I’m an ignorant motherfucker all day, which most black people are most definitely not. Do you want me to act black? Cause real talk, I’m tellin ya it be the most embarrassing shit for you when you I put you on blast. Now I have the most utmost respect for Black people who work hard and do their best to make a living in this world, and no one misinterpret what I am about to say. But I AM PROUD Not to “Act” Black if it means living up to the standards that White and Black people have set up for what it means to be Black, cause the majority of it is fucking ignorant. I am proud to be this color and just because I am well spoken, love anime, all kinds of nerdy shit, magical cartoon horses, rock over rap, and reading books does not make me another race so FUCK YOU. Everytime I look in the mirror I see Pride, I see power, and a Badass mothafucka who won’t take shit from anybody. So next time watch your words or else they could get you a lot worse than a tumblr scolding.

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